Software Developer

At SilverFit we create software for rehabilitation and elderly care. Our mission is to fundamentally improve the lives of (these) older people through games, video and music. This involves a lot of technology. As a developer at SilverFit, you are the one who makes this possible. There is a lot of variety in this job; because you are working in a diverse team, you can often choose to either specialize in a specific subject or to build several different parts of the software. 


  • To make the games respond to the users we use several kinds of sensors like 3D cameras (the successor of the Kinect), spirometers and surface EMG sensors. These are used in a rehabilitation setting, which means that they do not always follow the ‘normal’ patterns. This places high demands on the sensor interpretation. 
  • The exercises are presented in the form of games; to create these we use Unity and C#. People who play our games are often performing the same exercise for several weeks in a row. It is very satisfactory to create a game that helps people to persist their training. In order to succeed in this, we have regular test-sessions with end-users, so we can see how the exercise is used in practice.
  • During an exercise, the sensors provide a lot of data that could be interesting for therapists. These data must be saved, analyzed and presented to the user. Because this includes medical data, there are some standards for processing these data. There are a lot of interesting challenges for a backend developer here.
  • A therapist must be able to quickly find the right settings for an exercise, without losing expensive therapy time. The software contains a lot of possibilities, but the average user will only want to see these when necessary. Together with our UX designer we constantly work on improving the front-end of our products.
  • The software has a modular architecture. We sometimes use the same exercise in multiple products. For example, first with an interface used by therapists and later with an interface used by family members. Also the exercises must still work when we change the sensor. Because we are active in 20 countries, the components should be easily shared and translated. This demands a lot from the software architecture.
  • Our software is certified as a medical device and should therefore work reliably. We deliver quality products and this demands some extra effort in both creating and updating the software.
  • Other challenges we have encountered are: optimizing playback of video at varying speeds, integration with Google Street View, calculating positions of accelerometers relative to each other, filtering ultrasonic echoes, and many more.

For many developers, elaborating and creating the software is the most important incentive, however, in the end our product contributes positively to the quality of life of our end-users, which makes us, as a team, quite proud.

This is what you'll do

At SilverFit there is much variation in backend related activities, it entails more than simple CRUD-activities. For each product, multiple models are created based on Domain Driven Design, which together with WPF and Entity Framework serve as a basis for our desktop applications. Next to these applications, we work on a library of Unity games which should immediately work with several hardware sensors, for example 3D cameras and bike sensors. For the development we use multiple supportive libraries such as Prism and Reactive UI.

  • Development of games, user interfaces and clinical analysis programs.
  • Design, specification and implementation of gameplay in C#.
  • Make software updates and content available through internet.
  • Controlling games with several different sensors, like 3D cameras, Arduino sensors, spirometers and surface EMG.
  • Testing prototypes with the end-users.
  • Working together in a Scrum team with developers, UX designers, testers and artists.

What you bring

  • Completed university of applied sciences/academic university education. Preferably in IT/ICT.
  • At least 1 year of internship or working experience as a C# developer.
  • Experience with version control software like Git.
  • Experience with WPF and unit tests is a plus.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Available for 32-40 hours a week.

What SilverFit offers

  • A challenging job where you can apply and develop your skills.
  •  We work in Woerden, at walking distance from the train station and with plenty of parking space.
  • A market corresponding salary. The exact salary will be based on your education and working experience.

If this sounds like a perfect match we would love to hear from you. Please send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do you need more information? Please contact Chantal Holierhoek at +31 348 769110.

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