3 November 2016

Falls can be prevented

The number of older people who die from the effects of a fall is increasing. Fall prevention programmes are crucial

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27 october 2016

Increasing oral intake with support of the Rephagia

One example where a patient training with the Rephagia could start taking oral intake again

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14 october 2016

An inspiring user meeting about dementia

How do you motivate people living with dementia to exercise besides therapy?

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5 october 2016

SilverFit in Switzerland

We have a new distributor partner in Switzerland: Dividat. They consult care homes in Switzerland

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29 september 2016

Trail making: a new SilverFit game

One of the newest developments of the SilverFit is Trail making. It's an exercise to practise walking skills

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22 september 2016

Good times cycling on the SilverFit Mile

Clients residing in a nursing home in Amsterdam are really enjoying cycling on the SilverFit Mile

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15 september 2016

Mayor and City Council Members of Woerden visited SilverFit

Friday the 9th of September the Mayor and City Council Members of Woerden visited SilverFit

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7 september 2016

New European research project: Entertrain

Enhancing the quality of life of independently living older adults by motivating them for physical training in an entertaining way

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30 augustus 2016

10-15% less muscle mass after 5 days of bed rest

Professor Gerontology: "Strength training is beneficial, also for the older person living in a care home"

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9 August 2016

How to stimulate exercise in geriatric care

New materials and an action plan are available to stimulate exercise in geriatric care

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4 August 2016

New game SilverFit: knee extension

We are currently developing a new exercise to train the knee extension. This will be included in SilverFit's next update

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27 july 2016

Effects of exergames for people with dementia

The VU University will start a study to the effects of exergames for people living with dementia

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