8 March 2017

Gaming at the intensive care unit

Exercises of the SilverFit are corresponding with the treatment goals of patients at the Intensive Care Units (ICU)

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22 february 2017

SilverFit donates to the Dutch National Foundation for the Elderly

The National Foundation is a charity that promotes quality of life for the elderly in our society

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15 february 2017

SilverFit donates to ‘KanjerKetting’

Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. The 'KanjerKetting' is developed to support children with cancer

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24 january 2017

SilverFit at the eHealthweek

This week SilverFit participates in the national eHealthweek, with the research project EnterTrain

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18 january 2017

Prevent osteoarthritis through exercise

In order to treat osteoarthritis in different stages of the condition it's important to...

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11 january 2017

We are looking for new colleagues!

SilverFit is looking for new colleagues! Would you like to join our team? We are looking for:

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22 december 2016

No medicine, but exercise for people with dementia!

People who exercise more, have better cognitive outcomes

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15 december 2016

New SilverFit update ready!

Read more about the update here and if you are curious, you can already see what's coming

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7 december 2016

Exercise while having fun

An inspiration session with Philadelphia about the importance of exercise and the role of virtual therapy

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24 november 2016

FD Gazelle Award for SilverFit!

SilverFit is awarded a "Gazelle" by the Dutch financial newspaper FD.

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17 November 2016

New research program on the SilverFit Rephagia

A research on the added value of the SilverFit Rephagia for people with multiple disabilities

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10 November 2016

Strength training with SilverFit's cognitive games

Strength training with resistance bands is one of the many new developments of the SilverFit

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