19 October 2017

Keeping the mind flexible by drawing images

With the new game Trail Making, offered by the SilverFit Alois, the elderly highly enjoy the drawing and guessing of images

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14 august 2017

‘Fitness for swallowing’ wins the NPGZ incentive prize

The ‘Fitness for swallowing’ research of ‘Stichting De Trans’ wins the NPGZ incentive prize 2017

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20 july 2017

Residents of Belong (UK) remain active with the SilverFit

A British pilot study at Belong Macclesfield looked into the impact of training using a SilverFit 3D and a SilverFit Mile

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19 june 2017

SilverFit donates to Alzheimer Nederland

In 2016, the SilverFit team decided to donate some of our profit to charity; we voted for three charity organizations: KanjerKetting, The National Foundation for the Elderly, and Alzheimer Nederland

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8 june 2017

SilverFit on French national television

Last month the SilverFit system was shown during a documentary about nursing homes and the use of new innovative technology in residential care on TF1 (the major national TV channel)

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22 may 2017

Google Maps on the SilverFit Mile

With the latest update, it is now possible to cycle through familiar environments with the help of Google Maps!

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11 may 2017

Improve cognitive functions by exercising

The most effective treatment in improving cognitive functions is a combined program of strength training and endurance training

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4 may 2017

SilverFit at the Planetree congress

The physical therapist from SilverFit gave a workshop to enthusiastic health care professionals

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20 april 2017

Busy usermeeting about Parkinson’s disease

Over 100 care professionals participated in our first user meeting this year

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6 april 2017

Fall prevention at home

The number of fall incidents can be decreased through scientifically proven interventions

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30 March 2017

SilverFit expands to Italy

In Europe even more elderly enjoy exercising with the SilverFit systems

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22 march 2017

A wonderful reaction!

"The SilverFit Mile gives our residents lots of pleasure while exercising on the hometrainer"

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