20 december 2017

Highlights of the past year

The SilverFit team wishes you happy holidays and a wonderful 2018 filled with new highlights. To inspire you we share some of our highlights of 2017

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11 december 2017

Video: the success of biofeedback therapy on dysphagia (swallowing problems)

An American speech-therapist talks about the advantages of a biofeedback treatment of dysphagia (swallowing problems) with the SilverFit Rephagia on people suffering from a brain injury or a spinal cord injury

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4 december 2017

Exercising more often has a better effect on the elderly than exercising more intensely

New research shows that older people do not have to intensify their physical activity, but should rather exercise more often. Intensive exercise has beneficial effects on health, but to prevent immobility, it is more important to spend more time exercising.

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29 november 2017

“You want to keep improving”

In this video, an elderly woman shares her impressions on her daily training at home with the SilverFit Compact. She is one of the participants who tested our home system in the context of the EnterTrain project

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27 November 2017

Physical activity: the most effective way to prevent falling

The impact of a fall at an old age can be very serious. That is why fall prevention is so important. But what is really the most effective way to prevent elderly people from falling? Canadians researchers recently gathered a great deal of the existing research on fall prevention in a meta-analysis

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30 october 2017

Further improvement in the treatment of swallowing difficulties

Recently, speech therapists from various health facilities gathered to share their experience on the use of the SilverFit Rephagia

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25 october 2017

Having fun in moving to music with the SilverFit Alois

The enthusiastic conductor who makes moving to music so great is now speaking Dutch in the SilverFit Alois

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27 October 2017

World Occupational Therapist Day

Today, on World Occupational Therapy Day, we celebrate the occupational therapists work.

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19 October 2017

Keeping the mind flexible by drawing images

With the new game Trail Making, offered by the SilverFit Alois, the elderly highly enjoy the drawing and guessing of images

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14 august 2017

‘Fitness for swallowing’ wins the NPGZ incentive prize

The ‘Fitness for swallowing’ research of ‘Stichting De Trans’ wins the NPGZ incentive prize 2017

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20 july 2017

Residents of Belong (UK) remain active with the SilverFit

A British pilot study at Belong Macclesfield looked into the impact of training using a SilverFit 3D and a SilverFit Mile

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19 june 2017

SilverFit donates to Alzheimer Nederland

In 2016, the SilverFit team decided to donate some of our profit to charity; we voted for three charity organizations: KanjerKetting, The National Foundation for the Elderly, and Alzheimer Nederland

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