Video: Having fun together with the SilverFit Alois

In this video, health-care professionals and older people are telling us about their experience with the SilverFit Alois’ activities.

How do health-care professionals use the SilverFit Alois? And how do older people experience playing video games with the Alois? They answer these questions in our new video. The video was filmed at two locations in the Netherlands; Oranje Naussau Oord (Zinzia Zorggroep) in Wageningen and De Oude Plataan (Attent Zorg en Behandeling) in Dieren.

The SilverFit Alois at your location?

Are you curious to know how the SilverFit Alois can benefit your patients? We are happy to meet you directly at your location and give you a free demonstration.


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