SilverFit Conducting on music

Having fun in moving to music with the SilverFit Alois

A lot of people with dementia are crazy about music. That is what the conductor’s activity in the SilverFit Alois focusses on: encouraging these people to move to music they know. 

The conductor David Dworkin himself is moving with much passion and makes it hard for you not to join the dance, even as a spectator. His supportive encouragements are now available in Dutch, so that everybody can follow him. He also draws attention to the different instruments that are played during the session by explicitly specifying each of them. This makes you feel as if you are a part of the orchestra while moving to its music.

Recognizable music

The conductor’s activity can be done while sitting down. Also, several people can participate, which makes it a perfect way to activate a group of people with dementia at the same time. Besides being fun, it also plays well-known music which brings back memories and emotions. This makes room for stories to be told and it gives rise to nice discussions.

The American conductor David Dworking, who himself is in his 80s, manages to stay fit by conducting and keeps carrying it out with a big passion. The conducting involves movements with a large range of motion, which stimulates blood flow and increases muscular strength.

In addition to that, the SilverFit Alois also offers other musical activities such as ‘seated dancing’ and playing instruments. In this way, moving to music becomes a celebration for everyone.

Fun activities for people with dementia

Call or mail us for a free demonstration at your location and discover the many possible activities people with dementia can enjoy doing indoors. You will see immediately the effect that moving to music has on people’s wellbeing.

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