SilverFit World Occupational Day

World Occupational Therapist Day

On World Occupational Therapy Day, we celebrate the important work of occupational therapists.

The SilverFit products contribute to occupational therapists goal to help their clients live a self-sufficient life, especially when it comes to daily tasks like eating, personal care and going to the toilet. Every task one can still perform by him- or herself, contributes to an active, and thus healthier and happier life.

Occupational Therapists in France

While there are not many occupational therapists working with the SilverFit 3D in the Netherlands, the system is being used more frequently by their French colleagues. Firstly because there are simply more occupational therapists working in elderly care in France, and secondly because they get more time to practice with their clients.

Our French team researched the way the SilverFit 3D could be used to train the movements used in day-to-day activities. Dutch occupational therapists also benefit from this research. The SilverFit 3D games allow users to train all kind of movements and motor functions required in day-to-day activities like eating, sitting and standing up, reaching with the arms, and coordinating the hands. No one knows better than occupational therapists which movement(s) are being made during which day-to-day activity; they can thus configure the games so that these movements are trained correctly.

Staying healthy in a playful way

The SilverFit games stimulate and motivate users in a fun way to get better at the movements targeted by the games. By playing, users increase their muscle strength, balance and coordination almost without noticing it. This contributes to users performing day-to-day actions more easily. In this way, the elderly using SilverFits products stay active longer and enjoy life to the fullest.

Are you curious about the options the SilverFit 3D offers for occupational therapy or physical therapy? Please contact us for a free demonstration at your location.

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