SilverFit Alois Trailmaking

Keeping the mind flexible by drawing images

With the new game Trail Making, offered by the SilverFit Alois, the elderly highly enjoy the drawing and guessing of images.

People suffering from dementia enjoy drawing, recognizing and guessing images with the new SilverFit Alois’ game. Trail Making is an interactive version of the well-known ‘connect the dots’ game. The dots appear next to numbers, which must be linked in the correct order. It then shows an image which gets supplemented and will turn into an animated illustration.

Playful training

Through this playful approach, people with dementia can train their cognitive functions, like pattern recognition. Movement is also stimulated, as dots must be connected by swiping the screen or finger tapping the numbers in the correct order. It is therefore not necessary to have a very steady hand to play and make images appear. The Trail Making game is based on the trail making test, which is used by doctors to measure the mental flexibility of their patients. Unlike the medical test, this game was conceived specifically for people with dementia. It truly adapts to its users, for instance by memorizing how well they have played and then adapt the level of the game according to their performance.

This allows everyone to play, based on their own abilities. During the demonstrations, it seemed that the participants truly enjoyed trying to guess what image would eventually appear. The joy they get from drawing is also stimulating their brain. Apart from the Trail Making, the SilverFit Alois also offers other agreeable activities aimed at people with dementia, which can be led by volunteers, caregivers or relatives.

For more information about the different options we propose, you can contact us here. We are happy to come by and give you a demonstration of the SilverFit Alois.


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