SilverFit donates to Alzheimer Nederland

Alzheimer Nederland is a non profit foundation. Its aim is to increase the quality of life of people living with dementia and their loved ones, and to strive for a future without dementia.

In 2016, the SilverFit team decided to donate some of our profit to charity; we voted for three charity organizations: KanjerKetting, The National Foundation for the Elderly, and Alzheimer Nederland.

In collaboration with the Trimbos Institute, Alzheimer Nederland is developing virtual reality glasses that let caregivers experience what it means to live with dementia. The glasses simulate situations to elicit emotions similar to those of people with dementia. The purpose of these glasses is to increase the understanding of caregivers and loved ones towards people living with dementia. 
Apart from the glasses, they have developed an e-learning class in which the caregivers can talk about their experiences in this virtual world. This helps them to reflect on their their attitude and behaviours towards people with dementia.
We felt that this new technology resonates well with the vision and goals of our company. Therefore, the SilverFit team decided to donate a cheque of 3000 euros to Alzheimer Nederland towards this innovation.

Pictured: Netti Hafkamp and Merlin de Roo give the cheque to the organization Alzheimer Nederland.

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