SilverFit on French national television

SilverFit has been an active player in France for several years. At this moment, there are over 120 SilverFit 3D systems in nursing homes all over France. We’re still growing in this market and this has been noticed. Last month, the SilverFit system was shown during a documentary about nursing homes and the use of new innovative technology in residential care. The documentary was shown on TF1, the major national TV channel.

The SilverFit is used in French nursing homes by different healthcare professionals, for example physical therapists, occupational therapists and activity coordinators. These professionals each use the SilverFit in different ways to support their professional programs with the residents. Physical and occupational therapists use the system for individual therapy or in small groups. Activity coordinators are more likely to use the system for the group activities they offer to all residents.  Both healthcare professionals and residents are very positive about their SilverFit experience.

The short video in which the SilverFit is shown (from 1min56) can be seen here (only in French).

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