Google Maps on the SilverFit Mile

With the latest update, it is now possible to cycle through familiar environments with the help of Google Maps! The therapist can create an itinerary showing the neighborhood --and even select specific locations to visit-- where participants have lived before. The software creates a visual tour based on the itinerary using Google street view photographs. The photographs, including street names, are shown in a slideshow on the SilverFit Mile.

The SilverFit Mile already provides the possibility to cycle or walk through a large diversity of cities and nature trails (more than 100 routes, on almost every continent, are available). With this new option, it becomes possible to choose a specific location or village. The pictures will help the participant recollect memories and discuss events from their life: ”Hey! Over there is my house!". 

Adding the names of the streets makes it easier for the therapist or activity coach to engage in conversation. During our test sessions, the participants enjoyed the experience tremendously. This option will be available on the SilverFit Mile as soon as you receive the latest update. 

If you wish to learn more about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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