SilverFit at the Planetree congress

Recently, the physical therapist from SilverFit gave a workshop at the Planetree congress at Nieuwegein (Netherlands). During this workshop she explained all of the different SilverFit products. These products can be used in nursing homes and hospitals to activate people and motivate them to exercise more. A lot of enthusiastic health care professionals, but also general managers of care facilities participated in this workshop.  After the explanation of all the products, there was a demonstration of the SilverFit with the 3D camera. Most of the participants tried our system and were excited about the use for their residents: “Our residents will love this!”

Planetree has a vision: “every person deserves person-centred care, care that also considerate the wellbeing of someones mental, social and emotional needs, besides the illness or limitation. Care that revolves around the quality of life of our clients and their loved ones, but also around the professional capabilities of our employees and volunteers in our organization”. The products of SilverFit fit perfectly in this vision. The exercises for the gross motor skills can be adapted to meet every persons capabilities. With the SilverFit Mile, it is possible to walk or cycle a national or international route. It is also possible to adapt the time of the exercise to meet the needs of the person using the system. The SilverFit Alois is a system especially developed for people suffering from dementia. The aim is to activate them and let them exercise more. Within this system, it is possible to upload your very own photos and videos and do activities with them.

Besides the range of products to stimulate exercising within people-centred care, SilverFit also offers various training to improve the knowledge and quality of care of employees of different care facilities. E.g., how to explain the importance of physical activity to co-workers, fall prevention, daily activities with fragile elderly. If you want some more information about our products or training. Please contact us! 

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