Busy usermeeting about Parkinson’s disease

On World Parkinson Day (11th April) over 100 care professionals participated in our first user meeting this year. The usermeeting, with the theme Parkinson’s disease, contained different topics: the changes in motor skills, but also the psychological changes that come with Parkinson’s disease. Katinka van der Kooij (researcher at the VU Amsterdam), Ad Nouws (psychologist specialized in Parkinson’s disease), Joris Wiersinga (founder of SilverFit) and physical therapists Alice Harrems (Rivas Zorggroep), Marieke den Otter (Rivas Zorggroep) and Lin de la Parra (BrabantZorg) gave different presentations. In the workshops, participants could experience what it is like to have Parkinson’s, or actively participate in the further development of the Parkinson’s protocol. They could also receive a training in the use of the SilverFit system.

We also very much enjoyed the lively exchange of ideas and new suggestions for the future of the SilverFit system. Would you also like to participate in a usermeeting or do you want more information about the treatment of people with Parkinson’s with the SilverFit systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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