SilverFit expands to Italy

SilverFit expands to Italy

From this week on the elderly in Italy also have the ability to work with the SilverFit. We have placed 4 SilverFit 3D systems and 1 SilverFit Rephagia. This means that SilverFit is represented in 19 different countries. Something we are very proud of: even more elderly can enjoy exercising. It is extraordinary to see and hear that we have been able to even slightly improve the quality of life of hundred thousands of people through our products.

In Italy they will start using the SilverFit 3D and SilverFit Rephagia. The Silverfit 3D is a virtual therapy system to train gross motor skills and ADL tasks. Functional exercises, like sit to stand transfer, walking, balance and functional reach are presented as computergames. 

The SilverFit Rephagia offers exercises for people who suffer from some form of dysphagia. Long-term dysphagia patients can relearn to swallow and drink water again.

Are you curious if SilverFit can be implemented in your country? Please contact us! 

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