Exercising with the SilverFit at the Intensive Care

Gaming at the intensive care unit

Exercises of the SilverFit are corresponding with the treatment goals of patients at the Intensive Care Units (ICU). This was the conclusion of the graduation research from a student Human and Technique from the Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. It’s important to mobilise early for patients at the ICU. For example to minimise physical and psychological complaints and to prevent complications. Treatment goals at the ICU aim to optimize and maintain the:

  • body posture (coordination, sitting balance and standing balance)
  • walking (walking and dynamic balance)
  • transfers (lying down to sit, sit to stand)
  • functional status (ADL, postural control, muscle strength)

The exercises matching these treatment goals correspond for the most part with the exercises of the SilverFit. Therapists working at the ICU said they would use the system, because it fits in the perception of the patients. However, every ICU has another type of patients and specialisation, so more research at different types of ICU is required to review the use and integration of the SilverFit.

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