SilverFit donates to 'KanjerKetting'

SilverFit donates to ‘KanjerKetting’

Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. The association "Parents Children and Cancer" (in Dutch: Vereniging Ouders, Kinderen en Kanker, VOKK) supports families affected by childhood cancer. Cancer treatment for children takes a long time and puts a strain on the child and the family. To support children with cancer, the VOKK has developed the ‘KanjerKetting’: a necklace with beads. Each bead represents a treatment or examination event. These beads form a visible representation of the intangible and sometimes incomprehensible events for children. It gives them courage while they undergo heavy therapy. The children are looking forward to their little colourful bead, a reward, at the end of a terrible day, for example: a surgery, a stay at intensive care, loss of hair, chemo, radiation therapy, lumbar punction or at the end of a very good day. The children put the beads on their necklace. Their necklace, the ‘KanjerKetting’, can be used to tell their story to family, friends, and classmates.

At the end of 2016, our SilverFit team decided to support a number of charities. We felt the Kanjerketting initiative was very special. That is why we decided to donate a cheque of 1000 euro to the KanjerKetting initiative. We hope this helps lots of children to create a colourful memory of this intensive period in their lives.

Pictured: Karlijn Swartjes gives the cheque from SilverFit to KanjerKetting

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