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Exercise while having fun

Recently, we had an inspiration session with employees of Philadelphia (Dutch health care organisation) about the importance of exercise and to what extent virtual therapy can play a role. Saskia Cova (location manager) shared enthusiastically Philadelphia's experiences with the SilverFit Alois: "It is particularly nice to see clients gaming with the SilverFit Alois. It combines games and exercises. One Parkinson client with many spasms, performs one of the activities without any spasms. When he is polishing the screen with a tissue to gradually reveal personal pictures, he has full control over his arm. This makes him feel very well! He is engrossed in this activity for a long time. Wonderful to see."

Saskia showed us a couple of movies she has made. They demonstrate that clients exercise with the SilverFit Alois in a fun making and unforced way: "It's possible to make a personal profile for every client to use their own pictures and films. For example, making a puzzle with personal photos. Clients exercise while reaching to the screen." 

All participants of the inspiration session could experience different SilverFit systems themselves to determine as well if it would suit their clients. Philadelphia offers support to people with intellectual disabilities. The participants were enthusiastic about the SilverFit 3D, SilverFit Compact, SilverFit Mile and SilverFit Alois as they suit the needs of their target groups (clients with mild intellectual disabilities to clients with severe and multiple disabilities). 

Would you also like to organise an inspiration meeting for your organisation about the importance of exercise and the role of virtual therapy, please contact us.

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