Trailmaking exercise SilverFit

Trail making: a new SilverFit game

One of the newest developments of the SilverFit is Trail making. It is based on the "Trail making test". This test consists of two parts: connecting the numbers and connecting the numbers and letters alternately. At the moment we test both options in game-design at the SilverFit. Patients create surprising figures and practise their walking skills (or wheelchair proficiency), by connecting the numbers and/or letters. This exercise is useful for e.g. stroke patients or patients who received a new hip or knee. Due to the cognitive aspect, it's also useful for people living with dementia

The first test results are very positive: patients try to guess which figure will appear, are motivated to complete figure after figure and mention having a lot of fun performing this exercise. This new exercise will be added to all existing exercises of the SilverFit. Other examples of new developments are a new balance game and various new exercise protocols. 

If you would like to know more about the SilverFit, please contact us.

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