How to stimulate exercise in geriatric care

New materials and an action plan are available to stimulate exercise in geriatric care. 

To stimulate exercise in elderly care the Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands and Vilans (centre of expertise for long-term care) have developed a practical information package and an action plan. This film provides a short introduction to these materials. These files are yet only available in Dutch.   

Exercise is very important for our health and quality of life, but many people struggle to exercise. For care professionals, it is often extremely difficult to motivate the older person to do exercises. We hope that the referred materials might inspire professionals to set up successful exercise programmes. 

SilverFit offers various products to make exercise for the older person more fun. We have various tools and training materials available to make people aware of the importance of exercise. As of yet, most materials are only available in Dutch. Please contact us, should you be interested in a translated version.

  • This video can be used to explain the importance of exercise to colleagues during a meeting, conference or congress
  • Cartoons can be used for communication materials, e.g. for posters, flyers or presentations
  • Training: Why is exercise important? How can I involve colleagues?
  • User meeting: dementia: how to stimulate daily exercise besides therapy

We would be happy to hear if you have any tips and tricks to share how to stimulate exercise in elderly care. Please let us know, should you have any questions or would like to know more about any of these materials. 

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