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"Patients don't want to train without SilverFit"

In the center for Geriatric Rehabilitation Care (GRZ) from health care organisation "Stichting Tante Louise" patients rehabilitate with pleasure. They enjoy it so much that their preference is to continue the remainder of the rehabilitation program here on an out-patient basis instead of anywhere else. The GRZ center started offering the possibility to rehabilitate as an out-patient 6 months ago and since then there has been an enormous increase in demand. Physiotherapist Michelle de Keijzer says that the training possibilities offered by Silverfit is one of the main reasons for this growth.

The rehabilitation rooms in the GRZ department are located next to an open-plan training area. In this training area, they use the SilverFit, the SilverFit Mile with several bikes, the SilverFit Newton and the NuStep. With the SilverFit Compact it is also possible to practice in your private short-stay room or at home. It's great to hear how that patients can no longer imagine training in any other way!

The GRZ center is located on the grounds of Bravis hospital in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. "The close collaboration between the hospital and the rehabilitation department minimalises both the physical as the professional distance.

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