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Helping people with chronic conditions exercise

Recent research performed in The Netherlands demonstrates that people with chronic conditions do not exercise enough. Half of the population (5.3 million in the Netherlands) do not manage to comply with the Dutch standard for healthy exercise. It is striking that 60 % of those who do not meet the standard say they would want to exercise more. Pain and fear are major obstacles.

For this group, it is important that exercises can be adapted to their individual level, in combination with proper guidance. Health care providers can play a vital role by helping to shape sports and physical activities. If this is done well, participants will gain a confidence and start exercising more.

SilverFit has several systems to help people with chronic disease being more physically active on their own level, which include the SilverFit Mile, SilverFit 3D and SilverFit Compact. The level of each exercise can be adjusted. The games provide a strong and ongoing motivation for participants and continuous learning to the healthcare professionals. This allows them to develop a customized, highly motivating exercise program for every individual! 

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