Afbeelding van de tuinslang - een van de nieuwe spellen voor de volgende SilverFit update

Hosegame: example new development SilverFit

We are currently working on the new update of the SilverFit. We will share with you some developments over the next couple of weeks. The first development is the Hosegame. This game has been part of the SilverFit in the past. Based on user feedback we will reintegrate it as a new game.  

The goal of the hosegame is to use both feet to seal the leaks in the hose. This will train balance and challenges the client to put the feet close together or far apart. The client is focused on the game and will look straight ahead instead of looking at his feet. The level of the exercise can be adjusted to the level of the client. 

There is still plenty of work, like improving the graphic design, but above picture gives already a first idea how this game will look like. 

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