Swallowing real water again

The man in this videoclip, broadcasted on American television, is able to swallow water for the first time in years after intensive training using the Synchrony system. Synchrony is the American name for the SilverFit Rephagia. People with swallowing disorder (dysphagia) can be treated effectively and efficiently with this system. 

Dysphagia, commonly known as swallowing problems, is quite common. A significant number of people in long-term elderly care suffer from some form of dysphagia. Treating the condition is a challenge for many therapists. It can be difficult to explain to patients what exercises they should be doing. In many cases, treatment is not completed, and instead, a special diet is prescribed. These diets are not ideal from a social, medical, and financial point of view. Many forms of dysphagia can be treated by intensive exercise training. The SilverFit Rephagia helps to provide this type of training.

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