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Microsoft Stories published an extended article about SilverFit as an example of the increased use of technology in healthcare. The story is about Truus den Hollander, a Dutch lady in her seventies, who after a fall needs to rehabilitate. The serious games motivate her to push her boundaries. “I had to catch moles and dig vegetables. Those games were not only useful to do the physical activity, but were also cognitive stimulating. It was fun and it went much better than when I was doing the traditional exercises. All patients liked it. There was always someone waiting to start exercising as soon as I was ready”.  
Lauren Bakx, physiotherapist, who supervised the rehabilitation process of Truus den Hollander in rehabilitation centre Tante Louise explains: “the therapy adherence and motivation of clients is bigger when we train with serious games. Patients dare to do just a little more than they would normally do. The games are motivating and they therefore have a quicker progress. This can shorten their stay in our centre; that’s positive for our organisation but also for the patients themselves. In the end everybody would like to go home and if necessary continue their rehabilitation.
Truus den Hollander continues sharing her experience with the bikes: “While cycling I could see my own town Bergen op Zoom. It felt like I was cycling in the city again. Normally, I watched the time, now I was taken by surprise by the streets I saw. I even cycled through Giethoorn, where we used to camp many times when I was younger. 
You can find the whole story (in Dutch) here.

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