Exercise: of vital importance
Exercise is essential, especially when we get older. Exercise has a positive impact on our physical and cognitive health and will enable older people to maintain independent for longer.
Designed for the elderly
SilverFit products have been designed specifically for use by older people. The level can be programmed to suite the users' physical and cognitive capabilities, even when people are not able to do a lot
Games motivate regular exercise
Virtual exercises make therapy fun. Rhodes et al. (2009) showed that exercising with video games leads to higher therapy adherence. Lohse et al. (2013) described that video games lead to voluntary participation and an extension of practice time.
Award Winning Products
SilverFit systems are recognized for their ability to improve therapy for older people with engaging interactive computer game technology.
Most of SilverFit’s products have been originally designed to be used during geriatric rehabilitation
Remaining independent is a priority for older people. SilverFit makes exercising inviting and fun
SilverFit has a lot of experience to ensure uptake of exercise programmes
SilverFit systems enable the training of activities of daily living with game-based scenarios
Diverse systems are used at inpatient- and outpatient care units in hospitals
Early mobilisation is extremely important for physical recovery and prevention of complications
People with dysphagia can train their swallow function very specifically with virtual therapy
SilverFit systems are used with highly diverse patient categories in very different settings