The development of an exercise

The SilverFit exercises have been designed, based on the guidelines laid down by the Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapy and clinical practice. When developing a new game we start in clinical practice. We observe exactly what happens, what movement is required and see how a game could be linked to it. The theme of the game is determined in discussion with the eventual players of the game. A team of programmers and graphic designers work this into an initial version. The game is tested and developed until the clients do not want to stop playing. Based on all the feedback given to us by therapists and based on insights from scientific research, we improve the games and add options and settings.

In 2014 we started to map out outcome parameters in collaboration with the academic research group Innovative Exercise Stimulation. In the Netherlands, final scores are currently used. In the United States, the SilverFit which measures and tracks various parameters is used. A previous study illustrated that the score of a balance game was a valid representation of the skills of the client. Nevertheless, we are curious to see if the client’s progression can also be shown through (internationally) commonly used outcome parameters. A student of movement sciences has made a start for the same balance game and collected and refined a set of parameters based on scientific literature and clinical practice. That set of parameters has now been added to the game. We are now considering how to expand these results to all games.

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