Designed for the older people

Computer games are used since longer to motivate people to exercise. The SilverFit systems have been designed specifically for use by the older people. The level of each exercise can be programmed to suit the users' physical and cognitive capabilities, even when people are not able to do a lot. The camera registers the movement of the client. This makes it possible to train without the need of a controller, a keyboard or a mouse. The patients are focused on the game. This leads to more natural, unconscous movements. The choice of exercises and themes reflects the needs and interests of (frail) older people. 

SilverFit systems are used in care homes, skilled nursing facilitiies, rehabilitaton centres, hospitals and adjusted living departments. Mostly physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physical trainers, activity coordinators, care staff and volunteers supervise with the acitivities. A number of games can be played by two players competitively, and these are often very popular. In some places the SilverFit creates a league; scores are compared and in the next session people try hard to get even or to do even better. In many places the SilverFit systems are used in group activities as well: training together is often far more fun and elicits social contacts.

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