The SilverFit Newton provides exercises in game form for your existing strength training equipment. Strength training exercises are often repetitive and many people find them tedious. The games used by SilverFit Newton make strength building exercises fun and dynamic. The Newton can be used on each type of equipment that uses a set of weights, such as the pulley, or leg press. The patient plays the game on a user-friendly touch screen.

Strength training exercises in rehabilitation

Although functional training is often preferred, strength training exercises play an important role in rehabilitation. For example, exercises on a leg press after an orthopaedic surgery; recuperating from sarcopenia after long-term bed rest. Often these exercises are repetitive and have to be performed over a period of time. 

Exercises in the form of games

Games motivate people more than straightforward exercises. The games used on the Newton are professionally designed in terms of graphics, sound, and game layout. The level can be adjusted to suit the abilities and experience of the patient.

Exercise with feedback

The SilverFit Newton can also be used to make standard exercises easier. For example, counting down the number of repetitions by indicating the pattern in which the exercises are done, or by measuring the recovery time. 


The SilverFit Newton can also assist in taking a series of standard tests, such as the 1RM test. Whereby a series of interpolations calculate the maximum weight that is to be lifted. 

Video analysis

The system allows patients to be recorded and compare their performance over a period of time.

Training on number of repititions

Newton countingdown  Counting down sets and repetitions
Newton desert  Desert: practicing repetitions. The desert starts to blossom with every repetition


Training to time

Newton rep in time 

Doing as many repetitions as possible in a set amount of time


Training to rhythm

Newton rhytmstable 

Training with a stable, even rhythm

Newton eccentric  Training eccentric/concentric difference
Newton maintainingpos  Training while maintaining position
Newton australia game  Australia game: training explosive power

Dynamic reaction to external stimuli

Newton lift Lift: focus on holding a position
Newton diver  Diver: dynamic eccentric/concentric movement 


Newton rom  Determining range of motion 
Newton RM 

Determining rm (repetition maximum)


Newton video  Recording and reviewing a client’s achievements on video 

The SilverFit Newton is used most on a leg press. People can follow an entire training programme independently. The system can be connected to your existing equipment provided this works using weights.

The SilverFit Newton can be mounted on every type of pulley that uses a series of weights. We can install the Newton on your existing system. If you need to purchase new strength equipment, SilverFit can advise you as well. 

SilverFit Newton components:

Newton software 

SilverFit Newton software

The complete software suite for SilverFit Newton
Newton touchescreencomputer 

Touchscreen computer

SilverFit Newton all-in-one Touchscreen with built-in computer
Newton standard 

SilverFit Newton stand

Mobile stand with mounted screen
Newton sensor 

SilverFit Newton sensor

One sensor is needed for every piece of exercise apparatus  to which you want to connect  the SilverFit Newton
Newton servicepackage

Servicepackage (1 year, extendable)

On-site installation, training of all potential users, 1-year hardware guarantee, quick on-site service in case of any problems


Newton legpressrolstoelSmall 

Modek rolstoelroeier 5e generatie

Zeer toegankelijk systeem waarmee de gebruiker vanuit de rolstoel kan trainen. Hierdoor is geen transfer nodig en kan vanaf een zeer laag niveau getraind worden.  

Newton gerobankSmall 

Gerobank GB5

Betaalbare legpress met een goede stevige stoel met armleuningen waarop de gebruiker veilig kan zitten. 
Goed instelbaar qua vereiste krachtinspanning.

Optioneel: pulley

Newton pulleySmall 

EN-Tree pulley

explosive 54 kg
Deze pulley is speciaal geschikt voor de geriatrie. Het effectief tilgewicht kan vanaf ½ kg tot 18 kg worden ingesteld. 

Newton assecSmall 


Een galg (oversteek), latissimus stang, tricep stangetje en een enkellus