Exercise corners

An exercise corner is often integrated into the care home's leisure suite, living room, the lounge or the hall. It is a way to provide exercises that are easily accessible. Also, a place where residents and family members can be active together. An exercise corner only requires a small space.

Exercise corners are one more way to stimulate clients to be active. It provides exercises in a highly accessible way. The exercise corners are decorated to create a separate, inviting area of the home. We often install one of our systems in a corner of a living room, lounge, leisure suite or hall. People can exercise independently, with family, staff members or an activity coordinator. 

An exercise corner mostly consists of a passive-active trainer and a home trainer coupled to a SilverFit Mile. The SilverFit Mile provides different movies to create the experience of cycling through woods, the beach, cities, towns and possibly the local neighbourhood. These exercises are quite easy to use and very inviting. Activity coordinators and family members can easily learn how to use the Mile. The activities are very low risk and do not require expert supervision.

Benefits for residents

  • Physical: 
    • improve physical functions, like condition and muscle strength. Residents with very low to high physical needs enjoy the bike corners.  
  • Social-emotional
    • experience joy and contentment while cycling
    • start social conversations easily about what they see
    • experience seeing new parts of the world 
    • enhance positive emotions when biking in familiar scenes again e
  • Psychological
    • exercise leads to increased self-worth
    • residents focus on what they can do instead of focusing on limitations
    • family members are delighted when they see that their loved ones are enjoying the exercises and doing well 

Benefits for staff   

  • more personal contact with residents
  • easy to initiate personal conversations
  • extra proud of their job
  • improved skills in providing exercises

Benefits for management

  • positive attention: the innovative exercise corners attract a lot of highly positive attention from journals, local- and national press
  • retain talent by providing new opportunities and increased responsibility for staff
  • it easily creates a buzz in the local community to attract people to your homes
  • unique and distinctive from other locations

Identify location

We think the following items will contribute to build a highly attractive exercise corner:

  • a space of 2x3 meter
  • easy access
  • a popular place for residents
  • possibility to create some intimacy
  • enough room for people to watch and socialise

SilverFit can help to identify these locations in each care home. SilverFit can advise you as well what kind of bikes would be most suitable. 

Living room

The SilverFit Mile can be installed on every kind of bike but also on a very simple arm-bike. Depending on the target group and space we are happy to advise you what systems would suit best. Very often other people like to watch the films on the screen as well. People feel they are traveling around the world from their home.  

"My husband told me he has been to Italy and visited a lovely church. We have never been to Italy so the bike film is even creating new experiences for him!"

Partner from a resident in dementia care

Central hall

Together with some of our Dutch clients, we have created exercise corners located in the central hall of assisted living apartment schemes. The reception turns on the systems and residents can independently cycle and enjoy all different kinds of sceneries. Very often you see residents cycling together with their visitors while chatting away what they on the screen.  

"It is highly accessible for our residents and hardly requires any space"

Activity coordinator