SilverFit Rephagia

The Rephagia introduced in Germany

The Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of the Swallow (FEES) congress took place within the latest scientific developments concerning the treatment of swallowing problems, and SilverFit was invited to present the Rephagia.

Improving swallowing function

The SilverFit Rephagia is a virtual therapy-based system that teaches patients how to swallow again. The patient gets feedback on his or her swallowing behavior by directly seeing results on a computer screen, presented as a graph or in a computer game. This form of real-time, graphic feedback makes learning how to swallow easier and more understandable, as explaining the movement verbally is very hard for a speech and language pathologist (SLP). SLPs working in care centers or hospitals use the Rephagia in rehabilitation after a stroke for example, or when a patient suffers from diseases like Parkinson’s or MS.

The system is still unknown among German SLPs; a missed opportunity, because Dutch speech therapists working with the Rephagia already met a lot a success in improving swallowing function and treating their patients’ dysphagia

Experiencing the Rephagia themselves

Our colleague and speech therapist Malou Dusseldorp presented the Rephagia at the congress with Hella Kircheisen, another speech therapist who is working in the hospital Robert Bosch.

Congress guests, also working as speech therapists for the most part, got the opportunity to experience the Rephagia themselves by playing the games and exercises that the system offers. They could therefore experience how it is to work with sEMG (a method measuring the patient’s muscle activity).

They could also experience how motivating computer games can be when it comes to relearning to swallow. Many speech therapists were very enthusiastic after trying the system, and they were interested in being noticed when the Rephagia will be available in Germany!

The SilverFir Rephagia at your location  

Are you a speech therapist and are you curious to know more about how you could use the Rephagia to improve your patients’ swallowing function? We would be happy to come by and offer you a free demonstration of our system, directly at your location. You will of course get the opportunity to try out the different possibilities that our system offers! Get in touch with us for a free demonstration.

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