Staying fit and independent

Most older people want to remain independent as long as possible. To achieve that, it is essential that they move enough. Remaining active also helps avoiding some age-related diseases. SilverFit contributes to improving older people’s independency by participating in the European EnterTrain project. The goal of this project is to design digital exercising games (exergaming) with which older people can get moving and remain active at home in a fun and safe way. 

Study about the activity of older people

For the pilot study, 20 older people in the Netherlands and 20 older people in Austria have received a digital exergaming system at home, which allows them to play exercising games independently every day. Furthermore, a sensor is installed in their living room and measures how much they move during the day. That brings to the fore how fit they are or how frail they are, and how this will improved by playing exercising games. 

Six fun exercises every day 

The exergaming system which is used in the context of the EnterTrain project is an adapted version of the SilverFit Compact. Once a physiotherapist has set up the system for this person, older people can start using the system on their own. They follow an exercise program consisting of the six following games: Bingo, The Mole, The Fox, Mental Arithmetic, Puzzles and Deep Sea Diving. These games provide a full-body training that is fun to carry out. 

The level is automatically adapted

 The EnterTrain system adjusts the level of the game automatically if that is necessary. It uses both the information concerning older people’s activity during the day, which is measured by the sensor, and the information that is given by the person him/herself. After each game, the person can indicate if the game was too difficult, too easy, or exactly the correct level. The system can therefore take into account the player’s level and adapt the difficulty if that is necessary. Doing so ensures that older people are always playing games which difficulty matches their own physical abilities. 

Results still pending 

Participants will also fill in questionnaires. We will know if the pilot study has worked in a year. Those results will allow us to take a step forward in helping older people to remain independent longer and to stay healthy. Are you looking forward to knowing the outcome? In the meantime, you can watch a video in which one of the participants shows us how she uses she system at her place

EnterTrain project

The Entertrain project is financed by the European Union’s Active and Assisted Living Programme and is being conducted in partnership with CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH, Technische Universität Wien, Universität Wien, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Wien Gesundheits- und soziale Dienste gemeinnützige GmbH, Geriatrische Klinik St. Gallen, Bluepoint Consulting SRL and Slichting Nationaal Ouderenfonds.


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