Highlights of the past year

The holidays are always a good time to look back on the past year. At SilverFit we have experienced some beautiful highs.

We have opened our first international office in Orléans, France. This means the elderly in France are being stimulated to do some exercises in a fun way, so they can enjoy their retirement. In the end, all of our team members are dedicated to bring a smile on the faces of the elderly and keep them active and mobile as long as possible.

Moments of happiness

For example, there was a lady who hadn’t eaten a meal in over 2 years, because she couldn’t swallow anymore after a treatment on her throat. She thought she had to be on tube feeding for the rest of her life. The hospital referred her to a specialized speech and language pathologist, where she practiced swallowing with the SilverFit Rephagia. After a period of treatment one of her wishes was fulfilled: eating spareribs after all these years.

Or the woman with dementia who really enjoyed the movies of the animals on the SilverFit Alois. She considered the dog in several of those movies her pet. Everyday she wanted to see the dog, stroke it and say goodbye to the animal. There was so much happiness in her eyes when she could see this. This has given her pleasure and joy towards the end of her life.

Happy holidays

Those moments of happiness are our highlights of the year. The SilverFit team wishes you happy holidays and a wonderful 2018 filled with new highlights.


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