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Physical activity: the most effective way to prevent falling

In 2016, just for the Netherlands, almost 100 000 people aged 65 and over were admitted to the emergency department after a fall. The consequences of such accidents can have a serious impact on the independence and quality of life of the elderly. This is why preventing people from falling is so important; it’s better to be safe than sorry! But what is then the most effective way to prevent elderly from falling and suffer from possible bone fractures?

Canadians researchers analyzed 122 studies about fall prevention interventions. In total, it represents more than a hundred thousand participants. The average age was 78. The meta-analysis has been published on The Jama Network.

 Fall prevention interventions 

Research has been done on all kind of interventions within the compass of fall prevention or meant to avoid bone fractures caused by a fall, but until now, the results of this research had not been gathered together. From the meta-analysis, it appears that physical exercise is by far the most effective intervention when it comes to fall prevention. Visual acuity runs a close second; it needs to be measured and, if necessary, improved.

Other interventions such as adapting the living environment or swallowing medication and vitamins to increase bone strength also reduce the risk of falling and breaking bones consequently. Combining all these interventions brings about the best effect, but physical activity remains the most effective way to prevent old people from falling.

 The nicest way to tackle fall prevention

According to one of the researchers who conducted the meta-study, fall prevention should always be adapted to the wishes expressed by the residents and their caregivers. The programs offered by the SilverFit 3D and the SilverFit Compact have been developed specially for the elderly and take into account specific problematics such as strokes, hip surgery and dementia.

The SilverFit 3D and the SilverFit Compact also have a special training program aimed at fall prevention. This program trains balance and muscle strength, so that a bad fall could be avoided. What makes the SilverFit systems so unique is that the exercises are very fun to do, given that they have been developed in the form of games. This stimulates old people to get moving and to keep moving. In short: fall prevention is still effective, but it is also fun, and it makes the elderly enjoy physical activity.

Effective fall prevention intervention

Are you looking for an effective fall prevention intervention? the SilverFit 3D. They would be happy to meet you at your location and show you how the elderly can keep exercising in a fun and safe way. 


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