SilverFit EnterTrain workshop

SilverFit at the eHealthweek

This week SilverFit participates in the national eHealthweek in the Netherlands, with the European research project EnterTrain (entertainment and training). The goal of the EnterTrain project is to let the elderly, who still live independent, exercise in a fun way by playing games. In collaboration with the National Foundation of the Elderly (Nationaal Ouderenfonds), we will give a workshop, in which we explain the possibilities of the project. Participants are welcome to try our games and give us their input about the development of this project. 

Previous workshops already provided us with much useful information. We can put this information to good use in the development of this project. We hope to receive more useful input during the national eHealthweek and inform people about the existence of the EnterTrain project.

The EnterTrain project is funded under the AAL-JP and supported by the EU and national funding organisations of Austria, Romania, Switzerland and The Netherlands (AAL-CALL-2015-056).



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