All systems delivered by us are installed at your location and ready to use. After installation, our trainer will provide detailed instruction at your location for all team members who will be working with the equipment.

Additional training

If you are in need of additional training, we have several different possibilities for you. You may contact us to see which option would be best suited to your needs.

Training modules*

A. Why is exercise important? - How do I explain this to colleagues?

We will address the importance of exercise in this workshop. What effects does exercise have on people living with dementia? Often, this is already known to you, but it can be difficult at times to express the importance of exercise to colleagues. We have a toolbox available with materials, and during this training we will put these to work and will discuss how best to employ these materials.

B. Fall prevention

A fall prevention program is available on the SilverFit. In this training module, we will elaborate on how you may use this program and employ it within your own organisation.

*Please inquire at SilverFit for conditions