Long-term inactivity is disastrous for our brains. That is why it is so important that people with dementia take part in physical activity, preferably in a social setting. However it is often difficult to engage people living with dementia. The activities provided by SilverFit result in a successful experience and strengthen the clients self-confidence and the bond with their surroundings.

Early-stage dementia

People in early stages of dementia often live at home, but may attend day care or community centers. An adapted fitness room can be highly beneficial for this group. SilverFit can offer advice on the layout of such exercise rooms, the required exercise programs, and train your staff. People with early stage dementia are often still able to do many activities independently or under the supervision of a physical trainer or staff members. 

Structured physical activity

Care home residents can benefit greatly from the exercises on the SilverFit and the Mile. Based on our expertise, we have developed a best practice approach to not only install the systems, but ensure uptake and implementation as well. We have formulated a model approach based on our experience with a number of homes. It is important to bring structure to the activities and ensure there is ample supervision in the form of staff, volunteers and family members. The most effective option is to offer the activities in small groups and make good use of stimulating social interaction. The activities build confidence for the participants because they are able to show themselves and their environment what they are able to do – often surprising many. Our French customers call this ‘valorisation’: rebuilding mutual respect between participants, staff and family.

The SilverFit Alois brings people together

We have developed the SilverFit Alois for people in the further stages of dementia. Besides physical activity, this system also offers activities such as moving to music, reminiscence therapy, and stimulating enriched environment specifically suited to people with dementia. The SilverFit Alois can be used for group activity such as conducting to music as well as 1:1 activities with family members. The programmes help to structure visits so that both parties feel engaged. 

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