Occupational therapy

Active exercise is important in order to be able to function independently for as long as possible in daily life.  SilverFit systems make exercise more fun and makes it possible to adjust the level of the exercises to the level of the client. These are systems that are often used by physiotherapists in rehabilitation, but the systems are also very applicable in occupational therapy.

With SilverFit it is possible to train gross motor skills (such as wheelchair agility, balance and stretching exercises) in an interactive way. The games stimulate the requested movements and motivate the client to score as many points as possible. Because of this, movements are made in a very natural way, which can easily be translated to everyday situations. An advisory menu is available. The system advises which exercises could be used for each chosen ADL task.

At the request of occupational therapists, exercises have been developed that are specifically aimed at everyday life. For instance, an ADL game: the client is required to indicate in which order the different acts of an ADL activity should be done (e.g. shaving, making coffee). At the same time clients train their core stability.

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